Cost & Funding

The cost of studying in France is among the lowest in the world. For both French and foreign students, the government pays most of the tuition fees for education in higher public institutions.

Affordable Education (Even for International Students!)

Studying in France means having access to quality academic programs open to most people. French tuition fees are low as the government pays most of the cost of education provided in public institutions. The real cost of studying is the same as elsewhere. The difference is that in France, whether you are French or an international student, the French government pays for most of the cost. This represents an average annual investment of 14,000 Euros per student.

Top Quality Education for Almost-Free #goforit

Same Tuition Fees for Everyone

  Tuition fees (per year)
Public institutions

Bachelor’s - $220
Master’s - $300
PhD - $450

Public engineering school $720
Private school $3,500-$12,000

Find out the cost of tuition in Euros for all programs provided in French public institutes on the site of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

Cost of Living

Cost of living per month Paris Rest of France
Housing (all charges included) $800 $500
Food $350 $300
Cultural and social activities $150 $100
Transportation $50 $40
TOTAL per month $1,350 $940
TOTAL per academic year (10 months) $13,500 $9,400 


Find Your Funding with Campus Bourses

Campus Bourses (Campus Scholarships) provides information on the scholarships offered to foreign students. The tool lists all of the assistance provided by governments (French and foreign), regional authorities, companies, foundations and institutes of higher education. Filter your search by citizenship, field and level of studies to find the assistance that corresponds to your profile.

Other Financial & Social Benefits

Three types of assistance are available from the CAF (Caisse des Allocations Familiales - the Family Allowances Fund) that can reduce the rent you pay:

  1. Allocation de Logement Sociale (ALS - the social housing assistance)
  2. Aide Personnalisée au Logement (APL - the personal accommodation assistance)
  3. Allocation de Logement Familial (ALF - the family accommodation assistance)

To find out if you qualify for any of this assistance, do a simulation on the CAF website. To meet one of the advisors, go to the CAF Facebook page dedicated to student accommodation.

Each university has a health department, the Service Universitaire de Médecine Préventive et de Promotion de la Santé (SUMPPS). Every student may see a doctor there, have a medical check-up and obtain advice. Some visits are free, including for contraception, screening, vaccination, nutrition and psychological counselling.

You can also obtain help for subscribing to complementary health insurance and thus receive a higher rate of reimbursement of your medical expenses.

If you have any questions about sexuality, sexual relationships or contraception, visit Planning Familial - family planning association - which provides free and confidential appointments. Women may also obtain a suitable prescription for contraception there as well as the day-after pill if necessary. Family planning has offices throughout France.