Where to study in France? > USA
The flexibility of French higher education allows you to design an academic itinerary that is perfectly suited to your goals and background. Hundreds of possibilities exist in every field of knowledge, and in every part of France. The diversity of France’s geography and society will make your studying experience a particularly enriching one!

Are you interested in getting a general degree? Or in acquiring a professional skill? Maybe you're ready to pursue a graduate program. Somewhere in France, there's a program (or programs!) that will allow you to realize your professional and academic goals.

Which city is right for me?

Your decision about where to study in France will depend on a number of factors – many of them personal. You priority may be to live near friends or family in France, or perhaps to find  the option that best accommodates your budget. If you have a specific field or discipline in mind, a particular program may simply stand out to you. Whatever your preferences may be, quality of life is important both inside and outside the classroom, and it's crucial to ensure that you find an environment that meets your wants and needs!


Cost of living

The cost of living in France is comparable to that of other countries in Western Europe; however, it varies significantly from city to city. It costs more to live in Paris than elsewhere, largely because of the rental costs in the world-famous city. A typical monthly student budget in Paris would be €1,200 – outside of Paris, it would be closer to €800-1,000, including tuition fees.

As is the case in comparably-sized American cities such as New York or San Francisco, it is almost impossible to find truly inexpensive lodgings in Paris. For that reason, we advise budget-conscious international students to choose an institution located outside the capital city, as do more than 80 percent of French students. The good news is that Paris is not the only French city with high-quality education and an exceptional quality of life!

Life outside of Paris

Throughout the country, there are institutions with excellent reputations in all fields. Most schools of business, as well as many top engineering schools, are located outside Paris.

Outside Paris, you can still choose to live in an urban environment – or you might choose to live in a peaceful and charming town that is full of students. You have many options, from the seaside, to the mountains, to France's lush and beautiful countryside. You'll be able to live comfortably, without the stress (or cost) of being in a major urban center – and you may make friends more easily as well.

And remember that Paris is only a pleasant train ride from most other university locations: one hour from Lille or Orléans; two hours from Lyon, Nantes, Poitiers, Rennes or Dijon; and three hours from Marseille, Montpellier or La Rochelle. You'll have ample opportunity to visit the City of Light while still being able to enjoy the benefits of living elsewhere in France!