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France offers a wide range of short vocational and technical degree programs that combine theory and practical experience, enabling students to acquire new skills, learn the latest methods, and use professional tools in real-world settings.

Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS, postsecondary technical certificate)

Programs awarding the BTS degree are unique postsecondary programs. They are actually two-year programs taught in secondary schools. BTS degrees are offered in more than 80 different fields. Among the most popular BTS programs are those in hotel management, manufacturing, applied arts, business and agriculture.


Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie (DUT, university technical diploma)

The DUT is a national vocational/professional qualification that takes two years to complete. It is conferred by France’s university-based institutes of technology, or IUTs. DUT programs are offered in 25 specializations, 16 of which are production-related (materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, computer-assisted manufacturing, etc.) and nine of which are service-related (administration, communication, management, information, etc.). Programs prepare graduates to begin a career immediately after graduation. Graduates may also elect to continue their education by applying for admission to a school of engineering or management.


Licence Professionnelle (professional degree)

After successfully completing two years of postsecondary study, students may apply to enter a one-year program that allows them to earn a Licence professionnelle, a national professional degree. Programs are offered in universities, IUTs and some public and private secondary schools. More than 2,000 Licences professionnelles are offered in 8 broad areas that include the agricultural and manufacturing sectors well as services. Visit Licence professionnelle for more information.