Study Abroad, Exchange and Summer Programs in France > USA
Most students from the U.S. who come to study in France do so through a study abroad program or a student exchange agreement offered by their home university. Some also choose a summer program offered by a French institution.

If you’re enrolled in an American university and are interested in spending a semester or year abroad in France, the best place to start is by contacting your home university’s international office or study abroad office.

Many American colleges and universities have exchange agreements with French universities. If you take part in an exchange, you pay your home university’s tuition while studying in France and are able to transfer back academic credit for the work you do there. Check with your study abroad office and your academic department about application procedures and what kinds of credits might transfer.

If there’s not an exchange agreement at your school that fits your interests and schedule, you may be able to take part in a study abroad program – offered either by your home university or another American university or organization. Again, check with your study abroad office and academic department to learn about your institution’s specific requirements. The database on the IIEPassport website lists nearly 300 study abroad programs in France, including many programs that are taught partially or entirely in English.


Summer programs in France

Many French institutions also offer summer programs specially designed for international students. Topics range across the entire spectrum of academic disciplines, from French culture and art history to engineering and project management. Many are taught in English and include French language instruction on the side.

Many of the summer programs in France are listed on the Campus France database for short programs and internships (in French and English).

You can also find information on a broader selection of schools compiled by the EU on the Summer Schools in Europe site.