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Information about study in France

Cite UniversitaireFrance is the fourth-most popular destination in the world for international students, and they are a vital part of our higher education system. The goal of this website is to provide as clear of a picture as possible about what it’s like to study in France, as well as to help you find the right program. Regardless of how long you want to study in France, your discipline or academic level, or your ability in French, the right program is waiting for you.

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Applying to study in France

SorbonneThe Campus France online application process will be explained in detail for you for each type of candidate and each type of program.
Read the information online carefully before you get started, so that you can move through the online systems as efficiently as possible:

In the case of applicants who have already been accepted into a program in France, the Campus France USA staff will process your application within three weeks after we have received your postal mail (this turnaround could be longer if you are missing any of the required documents or if you haven’t filled out the online application form properly).