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France’s world-renowned engineering programs combine a rigorous scientific education with practical training in engineering and are closely connected with partners in industry and the business community.

Schools of engineering

More than 220 schools of engineering in France collectively cover all aspects of engineering. Yet each school specializes in a particular area, making French engineering schools roughly comparable to a large engineering department in a university.

The first degree offered at a French engineering school is the diplôme d’ingénieur. This is a national diploma that is equivalent to a Master’s and entitles its holder to apply to a doctoral program. Some of France's engineering schools also offer doctoral programs in engineering. Research training is provided in the school's research labs, usually in cooperation with universities and national research bodies.

The close relationship between France's engineering schools and the business world enhance the quality and relevance of the instruction that the students receive. In France, some of the most prominent business leaders and public officials were trained as engineers. All engineering schools in France are regulated by a national commission on engineering degrees (CTI – Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs), which ensures the high quality of degrees awarded.

Annual tuition in France's public schools of engineering is approximately €606 (2013-2014).

The Campus France global site has compiled short profile descriptions of France’s schools of engineering.


Campus France's n+i program for international students

The "n+i" network is a consortium of more than 70 French engineering schools. The network offers international students who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree abroad the chance to complete a Master’s or doctoral program in France. The programs are academically rigorous and offer additional training in the humanities, social sciences and management.

Corporate partners play an important role in the training of every n+i student, preparing them to meet professional challenges through internships or participation in actual commercial projects