Learning the French Language > USA
A strong knowledge of the French language is, of course, crucial if you plan to take classes in French. There are many opportunities to learn French or to improve the skills you have – as well as a growing number of programs taught in English.

The large majority of academic programs offered in France are taught in French. Yet, increasingly, French higher education institutions also offer individual courses and full degree programs taught in English.

However, ALL students, including those enrolled in a program taught in English, should have a good command of French, as it is one of the best ways to ensure a successful stay in France. Even if you can get by with English in the classroom, learning the language is key to truly integrating into French culture. Plus, with an estimated 100 million native speakers of French worldwide – and another 220 million people who speak French as a second language – learning the language opens the door to a world of new friends and opportunities.

Several months will pass between the time you begin to look into study in France and the day you actually arrive in your new French home. Why not use that time to learn French or to improve the French you already know? There are great opportunities to learn French in the United States or to complete a language program in France.