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Opportunities to learn French in the U.S. abound to meet the needs of individuals with diverse backgrounds and specific interests. Discover how to join the community of French language learners!

Universities and colleges

French is the second-most popular language taught in U.S. high schools and universities. For current university students, most universities offer many opportunities to learn the language or deepen existing language skills, from formal courses to cultural events to modern language laboratories for independent learning. Many community colleges and universities also offer courses for students who are not pursuing full-time degrees and who may only be able to dedicate a limited amount of time to language learning.

Alliance Française

The Alliance Française in the U.S. is one of Campus France’s close partners and a major resource for anyone interested in learning French or exploring French culture in the United States. There are more than 100 language centers around the country that offer courses tailored to the specific needs of students of all ages and backgrounds. Find the closest Alliance Française on the online directory and sign up for a French language adventure!

Cultural services of the French Embassy

The French Language Education Department at the French Embassy in Washington, D.C., maintains a list of various initiatives to promote French-language learning in the U.S.

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