Would you like to learn or improve your French? Come to France for a true immersive experience

Centers in France for the study of French as a foreign language

Whether you're here for a short or long stay; whether you're in Paris or one of France's regions; whether you're beginning your language study at square one or have very specific objectives—whatever your circumstances, you'll find a language program that meets your needs.

"FLE qualité"

Several years ago the French government began a program to award a quality label to qualifying centers that teach French as a foreign language operating within France. The "FLE Qualité" program identifies, recognizes, and promotes centers in which the consumer receives excellent language training.
Follow the link below to access a directory of all labelled programs, with descriptions of the levels and length of training that they offer. "FLE Qualité" programs are found all over France, in both public universities and private schools.

Immersion France

Recently launched by the French government, the free app called “Immersion France” aims at putting all the offers for linguistic stays under the spotlight with a wide range of activities and unique tailor-made programs.

Behind the search engine, a directory links the best offers of official language centers in France to housing possibilities, cultural, gastronomic, touristic and/or professional activities. The app enables those who want to discover our country and its language to find the best offer that matches with their wishes and expectations.

Download the app Immersion France
Soon available on Google Play

And before your departure, brush up on your French with TV5MONDE and your closest Alliance Française! Check the links below.