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France’s incredibly rich artistic heritage and vibrant contemporary cultural scene offer countless ways to fill your free time and enrich your knowledge.

Arts and culture

With 5,000 movie theaters, 33,000 stage performances each year (in national theaters and centers for dramatic arts, as well as private theaters), 1,200 museums, and innumerable music festivals, concerts and events appealing to every conceivable interest, you will have plenty of opportunity to explore both French and international culture while in France.
Many of France’s higher education institutions are located in city centers, close to cultural and social attractions — and all of France’s cultural sites and attractions offer student discounts and reasonable subscription rates.  All throughout France, museums, bookstores, movie theaters, playhouses, and cafes are never very far away.


Sports and fitness

Your student ID card makes it easy to stay in shape by giving you access to athletic facilities run by the university or the city. Athletic clubs are found at all French universities and nearly every school. Teams, leagues and clubs for nearly every sport can be found in and around every town. Membership fees are modest and often include insurance against injuries. Track, sailing, diving, golf, riding, martial arts, tennis, soccer, mountain climbing, rugby, squash, skiing, basketball, volleyball — the list goes on. If you want to compete, the national university athletics federation (in French only) organizes games between student teams.


Student events

Your fellow students will probably waste no time in asking you to join in some of the many student-led events (for example, film club, theater, choir, volunteer work) that are among the many pleasures of student life.