Double and Joint Degrees > USA
Completing one part of your studies in the United States and another in France as part of a double or joint degree program is sure to be one of the richest, most well-rounded and valuable experiences abroad that you can imagine.

In contrast to a traditional exchange program, when you are completing a double / joint degree program, you are registered at the same time with both an American and a French university. Upon graduation, you receive either a diploma from each university (“double degree”) or a single diploma issued by both universities (“joint degree”).

 The advantages of the double / joint degree programs include:  

-          A truly international curriculum, defined in partnership with the two universities;

-          Access to high-quality education in two different countries;

-          Different and complementary education approaches: different pedagogy, analytical skills, and problem solving approaches;

-          A truly international recognition of your education, thanks to a double / joint degree;

-          An asset that will set you apart from the others on the employment market

-          Not only excellent academic experience, but also highly valuable cultural, linguistic and personal experience

For an example of a fantastic dual degree program, check out this one being offered by Sciences Po in Paris and the University of California at Berkeley.