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Every year, Campus France USA helps more than 10,000 students who wish to study in France, serving as a bridge between U.S. and French universities.

What do we do?

Copyright IEP de RennesCampus France USA assists students in the United States (American citizens and foreigners studying and/or living in the United States) who wish to pursue academic projects at an institution of higher education in France for over a 3-month period.  The Campus France online application process is the first – and mandatory – step in applying to study in France for all students, whether they are participating in a “study abroad” or an “exchange” program, or are “independent students” who chose to study in France on their own.

The Campus France online application is independent from, but a complement to the long-stay student visa application. PLEASE NOTE : All American students and foreign students living in the United States (including those under the age of 18) who wish to study at a higher education institution in France for over three months must follow the appropriate Campus France application procedure before applying for a visa at their assigned consulate.

Although students who will study in France for fewer than three months do not have to register with Campus France, it is our mission to assist all prospective students in determining where and what to study, and to help with their planning process.

Campus France USA’s website is constantly updated with the latest information about:

Check out this link on the main Campus France page to learn more about our global mission.

Who are our partners?

Partners CampusFrance

Campus France USA is a service provided by the French Embassy in the United States to promote French higher education system to students and education stakeholders in the United States.   Campus France USA works in close collaboration with U.S. colleges and universities, major national and international education organizations based in the U.S.,  French consulates throughout the U.S.,  and, of course, French higher education institutions. These collaborations enable us to provide up-to-date information about studying in France, to facilitate the application process, and to serve as a bridge between French and American universities.

What do my Campus France fees cover?

The fees that Campus France collects are used to:

  • Provide comprehensive information about studying in France.
  • Maintain an online application process that saves students from having to send multiple applications when applying to several universities.
  • Facilitate partnerships between French and American universities.
  • Fund activities that strengthen cooperation between the two countries.