Applying to a French Master’s Program – All Disciplines (Hors DAP)

The instructions below will guide you through the process of applying for admission to graduate programs at French universities in all disciplines, including medicine and pharmacy.

The instructions below will guide you through the process of applying for admission to graduate programs at French universities in all disciplines, including medicine, pharmacy, business, art and engineering. 

 When should I start the application process?

The campaign will open on November 15th, 2014.

 There isn’t one specific deadline for this admissions campaign. Applications to all institutions (regardless of whether or not they are connected to the Campus France PASTEL system) must be submitted before the deadlines specified by each institution. However, the application deadline for most universities is March 31stTherefore, we strongly recommend that you submit your application to Campus France by the beginning of March, at the very latest.

What can I do to prepare my application?

You must complete the following steps as part of the application process. We strongly recommend that you: a) collect the necessary documents b) register for a TCF-TP exam (if needed) and c) have your documents translated all at the same time and as soon as possible since these steps will take extra planning. Note: If you have already taken a DELF/DALF test, you do not need to take the TCF.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to download the application checklist. This document lists the required information and supporting documents needed to complete your application.

 Send your Campus France fee, photocopy of your money order and the Pre-                 Admission Form as outlined below:


Payment will be accepted only in the form of a money order. The money order must be in the amount of $100 and made payable to MCUFEU.

Make sure to write your name and Campus France identification number (beginning with "USXXXXXX") on the money order. Please make a photocopy of your money order and send it along with the payment. 

Pre-Admission Form

You must print, fill out and include the Pre-Admission Form that indicates your interest in applying directly to a French institution.

The money order, photocopy of the money order and Pre-Admission Form should be sent to:

Campus France - 4101 Reservoir Rd NW - Washington, DC 20007

After reception of your documents, you will be contacted by a Campus France representative who will assist you with the entire admission process. 

 Tips for success:

  • Campus France does not accept any other form of payment. You can purchase a money order at your local U.S. post office, in a bank or at a number of other locations.
  • Any alteration to the money order (ie. Whiteout) will render it unacceptable.
  • If you do not address your envelope to Campus France, we will not receive your materials.

We will not be able to assist you with your application until we receive the payment and the Pre-Admission form. 

 Collect the required documents:

 Applicants must provide:

 -a copy of their last diploma obtained (High school, International Baccalaureate, Bachelor, Master …) and the correspondingofficial transcript

-official French translations of the diploma and transcript (if they are not already in French).

-French language proficiency test results

-additional documents may be required by French institutions to which you are applying.

It is your responsibility to consult their websites or contact them directly to inquire about their admissions requirements for foreign applicants.

You haven’t yet earned a post-secondary degree (ie.Bachelor’s) ?

You must also provide:

 -a copy of your high school diploma (or GED)

-an official, translated copy of your high school diploma (or GED)

-a copy of your original post-secondary transcripts for any coursework completed up until this point

-a translated copy of the above post-secondary transcripts (freshman to junior year)

  Tips for success:

  • The diploma provided must give access to the level of studies and program desired.
  •  If you have earned more than one Bachelor or Master’s degree (or any other kind of diploma/certificate), you may add them  to help your application stand out.
  •  Copies of unofficial transcripts are not accepted

Have your documents translated into French:

 All required documents that are not in French must be translated by a certified translator.  Keep in mind that your French language proficiency test results do not need to be translated into French.

 Tips for success:

  • Make sure that each translation is complete, stamped by the translator and certified. If not, contact the translator and have the necessary information added.
  • There are many good, fast and affordable online translation services. Consult the American Translators Association (ATA) for    an up-to-date list of certified translators.

Register for a French language proficiency test, if needed:

Some institutions require TCF results, or scores from an equivalent French language proficiency exam.   It is your responsibility to check with each school to which you apply to see if the TCF (or equivalent exam) is one of their admissions requirements. 

If you already have valid TCF-TP test results, upload them to your application.

If you already took a DEFL/DALF or TEF exam, those results may be accepted instead of the TCF-TP scores by certain universities. It is your responsibility to check with each school if they will accept them.

 IMPORTANT: If you have registered for a French language proficient test, you must upload your proof of registration. When you receive your test results, you must send them to your Campus France representative so that he/she can add them to your application.

  Tips for success:

  • You should sign up for a test as soon as possible. It will take at least 1 month to get your TCF results back after taking          the exam
  • We recommend that you contact the nearest Alliance Française or test center offering a TCF-TP session. If you can’t find        any available sessions, please inform your Campus France representative as soon as possible.

 Make a list the programs to which you are applying:

 Look at the universities and programs that are offered in the area in which you wish to study.   

You can find an up-to-date list of programs in the course catalog on the homepage of the Campus France website (  For more detailed information about the programs, consult each institution’s website.

 Tips for success:

  • We recommend that you narrow down your choice of programs and universities to those that best match your specific field of study and take into consideration the various factors that are most important to you (ie. location).  Make sure that your academic project is well defined and related to your future professional project. Additionally, your most recent diploma obtained must give access to the level of studies desired.

How do I fill out my online application?


  •  Do not use a Mac computer or Safari browser when completing your online application.
  • Make sure to fill out this online application carefully (both the “My Campus France Form” and “My Procedures” sections),    because this information will be evaluated by the institutions to which you are applying. 
  •  Fill out the application in French unless you don’t speak French and your academic project only focuses on programs taught in  English.

Create your account:

Go to and click on the blue “Register for Pastel” button in the “Fill out your Campus France form via Pastel system” box.

 Tips for success:

  • Your password must contain at least 8 characters. It must also contain at least 3 of the following: an upper case letter, a lower case letter, a number, a special character. Please write down your password so that you do not forget it.
  • If you are American, type in your passport number.  If you are a foreign student, provide the number of your residency card or visa.  Foreign students who try to enter their passport number will not be able to create an account.
  • Indicate your date of birth the French way, as follows : day/month/year
  • Your permanent address. Please provide an address of permanent residency (that of your parents, for example, or your personal address in the city where you study).
  • In the section marked “telephone” indicate your 10-digit  phone number so that we can contact you easily if we need any additional information

Complete the Campus France Form:

Education section: this section asks you to provide information about your academic and professional background for the last 3 years (diplomas received, internships completed, professional experience, etc.); This is where you will upload all required documents as well as translations and French language proficiency test results. All documents MUST be in bmp, jpeg or gif format, and cannot exceed 300kb. Don’t try to upload a PDF document. The system will not accept it. 

 Tips for success:

  • If you have earned a post-secondary diploma, select “Diploma from post-secondary school”.  If you are currently studying at a post-secondary institution but have not yet graduated, select “Post-Secondary Studies”.
  • For any other activity declared, you must upload a document as proof of this activity.
  • For any document more than one page, we recommend that you scan and upload each page separately to ensure that it is readable and properly entered into the PASTEL system

Linguistic section: this section concerns your knowledge and experience in the French language (trips to francophone countries and French language proficiency test scores). 

If you have never been to a francophone country, you do not have to fill out the “List of Stays in France” section.

If you are exempt from taking the TCF (or equivalent test), you do not need to fill out this section. Respond only to the questions at the bottom of the page and click validate.

If English is your first or native language, select first language for the question, Have you studied English.

Goals sections: this section asks you to explain your reasons for choosing to study and express your motivations for studying in France. We strongly recommend that you write this section in French, as it will further emphasize your interest in the French language and culture.  This section is very important, as it is your main opportunity to express who you are, what your professional and academic goals are, and why you have chosen to pursue your studies in France.

Attaching a photo is mandatory (it must be less than 50kb).

You can upload your current CV (resume) separately in jpeg format and no larger than 300kb, or copy/paste it into this section.

 Tips for success:

  • We recommend that you write at least 1-2 paragraphs for the “study and professional project” sections (50 words in French), and at least 1 page (250 words) for the “My Goals” section.
  • The last section in white (“Si vous avez changez d’orientation…”) asks whether or not you are seeking to change the area in which you have previously studied.  If this does not apply to you, simply leave it blank.

Validation Section: this is where you officially submit your electronic form. If one part of your Campus France form is still incomplete, go back to the section concerned and fill out the information missing.

Select your programs in the My Procedures section:

Select the universities to which you wish to apply in the “My Procedures” section by searching by institution. 

To find a program, please pick:

For “Partnerships”, choose “Other programs

Choose the year/level at which you will be starting your program (example Master 1, select “Year 1”)

In the “Type of Education” field, we recommend that you select “Licence (LMD)” or “Master’s Degree” from the scroll-down menu to optimize your search results:

For the institution’s name, please use a keyword followed by an asterisk (*) [Example: For the Université de Pierre et Marie Curie, put UMPC*].

 Tips for success

  • You can select up to 15 institutions, but we highly recommend that you narrow down your choices to only the most appropriate programs that are best-suited for your academic project.
  • Use one or two keywords, maximum.

Once your Campus France Form has been validated and submitted, you cannot make any changes.

If you need to make changes to your Campus France form, contact your designated Campus France representative.

How do I submit my application?

Your application will be submitted to the connected institutions once it has been verified and you have completed an interview. If you have selected a non-connected institution, you must submit your application directly to them, according to their own admissions process.

Here is the list of the connected institutions.

Review your application with your representative

To maximize the quality of your application and make sure that is complete, your representative will verify the content and quality of your application. It is important that you make note of any recommendations he/she suggests, as they will enhance your application.

Complete a phone interview

 You have to complete a phone interview to finalize your application. Please do not schedule an interview until you’ve received the green light from your Campus France representative.

 The interview lasts about 20 minutes. It’s an opportunity for you describe your academic project, professional plans and goals in French. The purpose of it is to have an open conversation regarding your motivations and expectations for studying in France. If the programs selected are taught in English the interview can be in English.

 Tips for success:

  • Be yourself and sound natural
  • Find a quiet place with no distractions
  • Immerse yourself in French ahead of time (watch a French movie or the French news, …)

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact your designated representative at any time during the process.

French institutions have until mid-June to make a decision regarding your admission status. When a decision has been made, you will be notified in your Campus France account (in your “list of received messages” inbox and in the “My Procedure” section).