All disciplines, including medicine and pharmacy (DAP Blanche)

The instructions below will guide you through the process of applying for admission to the first year of a Licence program (Licence 1) at an institution in France (including medicine and pharmacy).


If you hold an American high school diploma and are not French citizen, follow the instructions below.

The “DAP Blanche” (Demande d’admission préalable, procédure blanche) application process is for applying to the 1st year of a French institution (Licence 1), including medicine and pharmacy.

There are special instructions for baccalauréat holders and candidates.

Getting prepared



Before you start

The steps below will walk you through completing the Campus France online process through a system called “PASTEL.”

Some parts of the PASTEL system are in French. 

It is imperative that you download and print the DAP User Guide (PDF) in order to complete the Campus France online application process. The DAP User Guide is located at the bottom of this page.

The PASTEL system works best on a PC. If you are using a Mac, use Google Chrome as your browser (not Safari). Better yet, gain access to a PC to complete the form to avoid potential difficulties.

You must start to complete your Campus France application at least 8 weeks before January 15th. 


The DAP Blache process – step by step

1 Create your PASTEL account on the Campus France USA website.

Go to and click on the blue PASTEL button in the “Fill Out Your Campus France Form via PASTEL System” box. 

Create your profile and choose a login (email address) and password. You will need this information to log in.

The creation of your account will then be confirmed, and you will be assigned an identification number (USXXXXX). You will need to provide this number each time you contact Campus France.

Make sure to remember your login and password! If you forget them, contact us.

2 Research programs offered by French schools

  • Look at schools and programs that are offered in the area in which you wish to study
  • If you need help with your research, consult the following link.

3 Pay the Campus France processing fee

Your application will be considered only after reception of payment.

Payment will be accepted only in the form of a money order.  Campus France does not accept any other form of payment. You can purchase a money order at your local U.S. post office, in a bank or at a number of other locations.

The money order must be in the amount of $100 and made payable to MCUFEU.

Any alteration to the money order (ie. Whiteout) will render it unacceptable.

You must also print, fill out and also include the following document that indicates your interest in applying directly to a French institution.

Please make a photocopy of your money order and send it along with the payment. 

Make sure to write your name and Campus France identification number (beginning with "USXXXXXX") on your money order.  

The money order, photocopy of the money order and attached dcoument should be sent to:

Campus France

4101 Reservoir Rd NW

Washington, DC 20007

If you do not address your envelope to Campus France, we will not receive your payment.

After reception of your payment, you will be contacted by a Campus France representative who will assist you with the entire admission process.  This Campus France representative will be your designated contact regarding your application. You must only contact this person who will give you his/her direct contact information.

4 Complete the “My Procedures” section in the PASTEL system

You must select the two schools to which you wish to apply in the “My Procedures” section. It is very important that you do this correctly, so you must consult the DAP Jaune section in the  User Guide PDF when completing this section. If you have trouble selecting your programs or universities, contact your designated Campus France representative for assistance.   

5 Complete the Campus France form using the PASTEL system. (We recommend that you do this step at the same time as Step 4)

You must fill out and validate each individual section of the form (Education, Linguistic Skills, Goals).

Please upload all required documents to your Campus France form as described in the DAP User Guide PDF.

All required documents in English (transcripts, diplomas, internship contracts, etc.) must be translated into French by a certified translator and uploaded into your Campus France form.

6 Sign up for the TCF-DAP French language test. (We recommend that you do this step at the same time as Steps 4 and 5)

Click on the following link to find out more information about this test.

Consult the following link for the TCF DAP test calendar to see where and when you can take it.

Please note: The TCF exam is different from the TCF-DAP exam. Make sure that you sign up for the TCF-DAP exam.

IMPORTANT: it will take at least 1 month to get your TCF-DAP results back after taking the exam.  Keep in mind that you must schedule your exam before January 31st and submit your results to your Campus France representative before March 15th. 

ATTENTION: In the case that you already took a DELF/DALF or e-TEF (in certain conditions) exam, those results can be acceptable instead of the TCF-DAP scores.

7 Contact your designated Campus France representative for the verification of your file

Once you have completed your Campus France application, contact your assigned representative using the contact information he/she gave you.  This person will review your application and make you aware of any modifications that need to be made.  It is strongly recommended to make any changes that your Campus France representative suggests since it will help to make your application stronger.  After your representative has validated your application, you will sign up for an interview. This telephone interview must take place between February 1st and March 15th, 2013.

8 Complete a telephone interview with Campus France

Conducted over the phone, this interview lasts about 20 minutes and serves as an opportunity for you to describe in French your academic project, professional plans and goals. In addition to enhancing the quality of your academic file, an interview also increases your chance of admission.  The purpose of the interview is to have an open conversation with your representative regarding your motivations and expectations regarding your plans to study in France.  It is therefore important to be yourself and sound natural.  Although you do not need to review anything beforehand, it is recommended that you immerse yourself in French ahead of time (watch a movie, read the news in French etc...

To schedule this phone interview, you must log in to your Campus France account in the PASTEL system and choose an available time slot. For instructions, download the user guide about scheduling interviews (PDF).

Following this interview, your representative will write a report that will be included in your application. 

9 Check for school responses through your Campus France account.

The Campus France office will transfer your file to your first-choice school on March 31st. This school will have one month to respond to your application. Once this happens:

  • If you are accepted by your first-choice school, you must confirm your final choice and contact your designated Campus France representative to continue the admission process.  Your application will not be transfered to your second choice school.
  • If you are not accepted, the first-choice school will transfer your file to your second-choice school. If your second-choice school does not accept you, there is no way to appeal. 

Responses from your selected schools will be sent directly to your personal Campus France message inbox in the online PASTEL system and will be available in the “My Procedures” section as well. Check the DAP Jaune calendar to see when you can expect to receive a response from each school.

If you are accepted by one of your selected schools and decide to attend this institution, you must make your final choice online, in the “My Procedures” section of your Campus France file. You must make this final choice before starting the student visa request process. Please note: This final choice is irreversible.

10 Request a student visa

Once you have made your final choice in PASTEL and your file has been processed by Campus France, you can apply for a visa at the French consulate assigned to you on your Campus France personal page. You must schedule your appointment at the appropriate consulate via the consulate’s website.

Important: Once your file has been completely processed, you will receive a confirmation message from Campus France in your personal PASTEL inbox, as well as an electronic preregistration document for the university you have chosen. The consulate will need printed copies of these documents in order to process your visa request. Reminder: You cannot book your visa appointment more than 90 days before your departure to France.

The visa application process and visa application fees are separate from the Campus France application and fee. For more information, see the website for the consulate nearest you.

Visas are granted solely at the discretion of the Consulate of France.