Promoting French higher education around the world

Role and mission

Under the oversight of the French government and in close cooperation with higher education institutions and associations, Campus France promotes French higher education programs throughout the world, offering international students a pathway to success through postsecondary study in France. Campus France's role extends from home country to host country and from answering prospective students' first inquiries right down to helping them plan their stay in France and their return home.


Campus France’s international presence

CampusFrance in ChiliCampus France's ambitious program of international events (fairs, higher education forums, university tours) reaches an average of 160,000 people each year. The program is planned well in advance, geographically and strategically, in cooperation with the agency's supervising ministries the Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education as well as higher education institutions and associations.

In addition to major international events (annual conferences such as NAFSA, international fairs and expos). Campus France has been experimenting with new forms of promotion. Among the successful new formats are high-level institutional meetings on specific themes, and visits to France by international delegations of higher education administrators or university presidents.


International programs

Campus France responds to international requests for proposals, usually in consortia with their close partners, such as the French higher education institutions and major European national agencies for higher education. Campus France is currently participating in several projects funded by the European Commission, including projects to promote European higher education, knowledge transfer, and inter-university cooperation.

PromoDocWithin the framework of the Erasmus Mundus program, financed by the European Commission, Campus France has been coordinating the PromoDoc project (2011-13), the aim of which is to promote doctoral study in industrialized countries outside Europe. In this capacity, Campus France has been leading an international consortium made up of DAAD (Germany), Nuffic (The Netherlands), the British Council, the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers (Eurodoc), and the Institute of International Education (United States). A range of information tools will be developed and a series of information, recruitment and promotion activities implemented, including information days, appointments between potential doctoral candidates and European higher education institutions, the creation of a network of “ambassadors,” and participation in fairs.


More than 50 local websites for international students

In addition to the site you're reading now for the United States, Campus France maintains 50 local websites managed by its offices abroad. These sites provide basic information in the 27 languages used by Campus France to help prospective students explore study opportunities in France.

In the 30 countries in which the Campus France online application procedure is operative, including the United States, Campus France's local Web sites are also used by students to apply for admission to postsecondary institutions before they request an entry visa for France.