Who are we?

CampusFrance is a service provided by the Embassy of France to American citizens and foreigners studying and/or living in the United States, who wish to pursue academic projects at French institutions of higher education for period longer than 3 months.

For this category of students, the CampusFrance registration process is the first mandatory step in applying for a visa to study in France. It is our mission to assist students in determining where and what to study, and to facilitate the planning of academic projects. Students studying in France for less than 3 months do not have to register with CampusFrance.

What do we do?

With a team consisting of 4 permanent agents, the CampusFrance office assists students by offering the following:

1) Administrative aid: our agents help students understand the necessary procedures to study in France (CampusFrance, DAP, Visa…), assist them in constructing their academic file for applying to universities, and guide them through creating their CampusFrance online account. Our team also conducts CEF interviews (to determine academic goals and language level), French language testing and in-person meetings by appointment.

2) A Comprehensive Website: the CampusFrance website provides students access to a wealth of useful and important information for studying in French institutions of higher education, such as:

  • grants and scholarships that help finance studies abroad as well as general information about scholarships offered to American students in France
  • explanations of the various types of linguistic tests used to assess a student’s level in French
  • general information about obtaining a student visa

3) A cooperative partnership: Our agents work in close partnership with Consulates of France throughout the United States, American study abroad advisors, French universities and Grandes Ecoles, in order to provide current and pertinent information to students about studying in France, and to facilitate their application processes.

What do my CampusFrance fees cover?

The CampusFrance fees are used for the following:

  • To improve the information available to students on studying in France.
  • To prevent students from having to send multiple applications when they are applying to several universities.
  • To facilitate partnerships between French and American universities.
  • To finance studies and activities the strengthen cooperation between the two countries.