So, you’ve found a great place you’d like to rent. What happens next?

Rental contract

You will likely be asked to sign a one-year rental contract, but shorter leases can be negotiated. You may cancel your contract early provided you give at least three months’ notice for an unfurnished apartment or one month for a furnished apartment.


Security deposit

A security deposit usually equivalent to one month’s rent is payable upon signing of the contract. It will be returned provided all conditions in the contract are met. The security deposit does not yield monthly interest.



Students who want to rent private accommodations are typically required to have a guarantor who resides in France and has a monthly income at least three times the rent amount. The guarantor must make a deposit that guarantees payment of the rent. For recipients of a French government grant and doctoral candidates who have signed a doctoral contract, the French government can advance the security deposit and guarantee payment of rent and related charges. In some cities and regions, nonprofit organizations and local governments have made arrangements that provide property owners with the necessary guarantee.


Pre-arrival rental arrangements

It is sometimes possible to make rental arrangements before arriving in France, but this is usually difficult and seldom worth the risk. This typically involves making an advance payment to guarantee the reservation, and you may have to forfeit your deposit if you change your mind after arriving in France.


Financial assistance for housing

Once you have secured housing, you may be eligible to apply for financial assistance for housing, as long as the property meets certain regulatory requirements.